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 Forms & Templates for E-Registration
    e-Form with Instruction kit   e-Form

 Tin Individual Registration

DT-1001 DT-1001

 Tin Non-Individual Registration

DT-1002 DT-1002

 Annexure 1 for Gaming Tax Registration

DT-1013 DT-1013

 Annexure 2 for VAT Registration

DT-1011 DT-1011

 Annexure 3 for Local Excise Duty (LED) Registration

DT-1012 DT-1012

 Annexure 4 for Additional Place of Business / Branch Registration

DT-1014 DT-1014

 Annexure 5 for Vat Oil and Gas

DT-1017 DT-1017
 Forms & Templates for E-Return

 Income Tax Return Form for Individual with Business income

DT-2001 DT-2001

  Income Tax Return Form for Non-Individual

DT-2002 DT-2002

 Income Tax Provisional Return Form for Individual

DT-2003 DT-2003

 Income Tax Provisional Return Form for Non-Individual

DT-2004 DT-2004

 Income Tax Return Form for Partnership

DT-2005 DT-2005

 Withholding Tax Return Form

DT-2006 DT-2006

 Income Tax Return for Individual with Employment/Rental Income

DT-2007 DT-2007

 PAYE Return Form

DT-2008 DT-2008

 Income Tax Return for Presumptive Taxpayer

DT-2009 DT-2009

 Local Excise Duty Return Form

DT-2021 DT-2021

 Gaming Tax Return Form

DT-2026 DT-2026

 Gaming Tax -Weekly Return Form

DT-2027 DT-2027

 Monthly VAT Return Form

DT-2031 DT-2031

 Diplomatic VAT Return

DT-2032 DT-2032

 Return filing from the Bulk Assessment agent

DT-2041 DT-2041